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Who we are

Taking you from ambiguity to clarity, Pretzel lab are solution chefs with our special ingredients being our people.

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We think solving the right problem is a lot like baking a pretzel. Here's our recipe.

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Sweet, savoury or both?
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Shape and style the pretzel.
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Get it in the oven.
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Run & Scale

Taste, refine and make more!
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Who we are

We’re focused on helping you confidently identify and address the real challenge

We’re a small team that can leverage some pretty big tech to solve any problem. We apply a combination of various research methods and techniques, design principles and technologies that are tailored for your specific needs. Being part of the Mantel Group of brands means we can leverage expert knowledge and experience.
Meet The Team
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“I worked with Pretzel Lab to build a report on our global business portfolio. They achieved an enormous amount of work in a couple of weeks from the user interviews to the build, and were able to understand our problems very quickly. I won’t hesitate for one second to work with them again!”


International Engineering Enterprise.

"The Pretzel Lab team was diligent and passionate to find the human element in the problem. City planning is such a complex system and technology is shiny so this process allowed us to untangle and understand the community’s needs, helping to create a meaningful roadmap for our platform.

Gemma Campbell

Digital Placemaking Lead

“The Pretzel Lab team fostered strong relationships with all workshop participants, made everyone feel included and respected, and delivered the desired value. Consumer feedback was outstanding after the first trial of one of the communication prototypes.”

New Services Development Lead

Australian Energy Sector

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We partner with leading Australian brands to reimagine their business challenges.

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