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If you share our passion for design, join our team now as we gear up for our next exciting chapter.

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How we hire at Pretzel lab

We’re always on the lookout for talented lovers of all things design and from the moment we first connect, it’s all about a two way conversation. Our interview process is designed to find the right fit for you - and for us.

Meet & Greet

Got a craving for something new?

Whether you’ve applied online or we’ve reached out to you, having a current CV isn’t a dealbreaker at Pretzel. Although it always helps, we’re more interested in knowing what you bring to our team and happy for you to take it off paper and tell us yourself!

Job insight

What kind of pretzel are you looking for?

Over a quick phone chat, we’ll give you a solid insight into life as a consultant at Pretzel lab. This will be an opportunity to find out where your skills and experience fit best within our team. We’ll tell you all about us, and you can share more about you!

Two-way interview

Finding the perfect pretzel knot!

Our cultural interview is focused on team fit. Whether it be our culture, principles, ways of working or business strategy - come armed with questions. Don’t forget, you’re interviewing us too!

Show & tell

Show us your pretzel magic!

This is where we drill down into the juicy design stuff. You’ll share a case study and knead into the process you took. The case study exercise lays the foundations for you to show us where your sweet spots lie as a consultant. This one hour, face to face (or virtual) interview will be with a few members of our awesome team and sister brands.

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Baked and ready

Let’s get this pretzel in the oven!

If we both feel like Pretzel lab is going to be the perfect mix of salty and sweet (especially you!) we’ll make an offer. Once you’ve said yes, we’ll make sure you have a great onboarding experience and induction so you can get stuck into it.

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